Web Services


Web services (often referred to as application services), are services provided by a business’s Web server for Web users or other Web-enabled programs. Services typically include a combination of application programming and data repository, but it may also include human resources.

Companies that deliver web services are generally called application service providers. Web services products and services can range from storage management and customer relationship management (CRM), to more limited offerings such as furnishing stock quotes or checking bids on an auction website.

IntelliFox is an experienced professional web services company that provides a wide array of Information Technology (IT) services to businesses of any size. An IT web infrastructure that is efficient is a result of detailed planning, proper implementation, and ongoing maintenance. We use Web Services Description Language (WSDL), JSON, and XML tools to support our clients with website design and web-enabled application development.

It’s the objective of IntelliFox to deliver highly functional, industrial strength enterprise-wide application programs and services. We develop extremely innovative and unusually creative code that solves every day business problems for our clients. Our SCO web services maintain a two-way communication path with 24/7 availability that’s customer centric and robust. Let IntelliFox build your company website that grows your business and lets you worry a lot less and smile even more!

IntelliFox clients won’t have to spend a great deal of money to get exceptional value from their website or web hosting. That’s because we can build a simple to complex web presence for your business at affordable rates, including XML Web Services.

We achieve excellent results for our customers spanning all vertical markets. No matter what industry you claim is your space you can depend on us for quality services. That equates to clients receiving incredible application development that maximizes their return on investment. Development services that are flawlessly implemented, and carefully tailored to meet your specific business requirements. Our team delivers development that are:

  • Efficient and Unique
  • Web API Enabled
  • Transparent
  • Delivered with Enthusiasm
  • Industrial Strength
  • SOAP Compliant

Our design team can ensure that you get seamless website integration with existing and future IT plan.

Contact Us so one of our dedicated consultants speak with you within 24 hours, or you can simply ask for a no obligation, free web services price quote on your next project. Because IntelliFox is the service provider you can trust.