Mobile Application Testing


What is Mobile Application Testing?

Mobile application developers can’t afford to have bad user experiences. That’s because in today’s world, while good news travels fast, bad news travels even faster.

These days, almost everyone has a Facebook, twitter, or MySpace account and no one hesitates to inform their friends and family about a bad product. Before you know it, thousands of social contacts may be learning about your product for the first time, either good or bad. We make sure that when the word spreads about your mobile app that it’s all good.

IntelliFox-Mobile Application Testing

IntelliFox-Mobile Application Testing


Why Intellifox?

IntelliFox does thorough & rigorous mobile application testing to ensure that every user’s experience is a great one. Mobile application testing is the process through which mobile application software that runs on handheld devices is tested for functionality, usability, and stability.

The unprecedented growth in the use of mobile applications has spawned an entirely new class of software reliability challenges, unlike traditional software development on desktop computers. To properly address these unique challenges, mobile application developers must go beyond traditional application testing methods and use techniques specific to the mobile market. For example:

    • Functional testing
    • Laboratory testing
    • Performance testing
    • Security testing
    • Memory Leakage testing
    • Interrupt testing
    • Operational testing
    • Usability testing
    • Service testing
    • Installation testing
    • Interface testing
    • Certification testing
    • Compatibility testing

To make things even more difficult, mobile application developers must consider the complexities of working with multiple hardware manufacturers, data carriers, and disparate operating systems. Our testing methodologies allow our clients of every size and industry type to be confident that their applications work as designed, for all of their customers, no matter where they’re located.

IntelliFox can extend its testing coverage to cover all major mobile devices and operating systems. That’s quite a feat considering all the different devices and systems currently on the market. That includes:

    • iPhone application testing
    • iPad application testing
    • Android application testing
    • BlackBerry application testing
    • Windows phone application testing
    • iOS application testing

You can be certain that your mobile applications will be thoroughly and fully tested before your customers or corporate users ever see them. They’ll work properly and give your user base the outstanding performance they deserve.

Contact Us so one of our solution consultants can get in touch with you within 24 hours, or you can simply ask us for a no obligation, free mobile application testing price quote on your next project. Because IntelliFox is the mobile application developer you can trust.