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E-Commerce Solutions at IntelliFox

Electronic commerce, also called E-Commerce, is paperless buying and selling of products and services through the Internet. IntelliFox helps business owners create e-commerce applications to take their retail businesses online.

We create business solutions that work over the Internet to enhance lead generation, online order processing, producing invoices, and completing financial transactions.

Our primary focus has always been to solve our client’s business problems by creating a streamlined strategy for developing and implementing targeted e-commerce solutions, including web store development, shopping cart integration, back-end systems, and order shipment and tracking capability.

We Love Challenges

One of the greatest hurdles faced by e-commerce application developers is to build applications that can exploit multiple operating system platforms, such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone. At IntelliFox, we’re acknowledged experts in developing cross-platform solutions. Corporate clients who engage us to develop their applications are able to leverage our experience in multi-platform app development. Your application will function on as many platforms as required. The cornerstones on which we base our reputation is that your application will perform the same from one platform to another without losing functionality. In other words, it will work as designed no matter where it runs.

From concept to working App, from launch to ongoing marketing, were involved at every step of the development lifecycle of your project. Our primary objective is to create an environment that provides a quality user experience at a price you can afford. With our help, you can have an e-commerce solution up and running in record time promoting your products and services, or even provide you with your very own mobile app selling in the App Store.

Our Speciality

Our specialty is in developing applications for business users that are

    • Affordable
    • Capable of communicating directly with customers
    • Work on multiple devices including the iPhone and iPad.

Each enterprise application comes with advanced security features, scalable data driven logic, and ease-of-use features that are built right in. Our multi-platform application development philosophy is founded “write once run anywhere” concept.

IntelliFox is committed to delivering integrated web applications with scalability and usability that meet or exceed the needs of our clients. We design, implement, and provide ongoing support for technology solutions that enhance business processes, increase economic activity, and promote information flow within the organisation. The application we build isn’t just another website, it’s a fully integrated multi-platform business solution that zeroes in on your target market to help expand and grow your business.

Contact Us and our solution consultants will get in touch with you within 24 hours or simply ask for a no obligation free E-Commerce website development price quote.