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IntelliFox is not just a software company. It is a group of enthusiastic individuals with a passion for software development. Technology and Science thrill us.

We keep ourselves abreast with the latest technological advancements and information across the globe.
It is our enthusiasm and our ability to provide customised solutions that brings our customers back to us.


IntelliFox was born when like-minded individuals with almost 3 decades of experience in software and finance decided to challenge their creative minds to build their own dream enterprise. And Lo! There it was born… “IntelliFox “. Yes ! We are here to “Enable Your Ideas” into reality.

Our Mission Statement

We believe that a competitive egde can be provided only by providing business solutions which are above our competitors in both quality and customer satisfaction. Hence our business policy is straight and simple, “Customer satisfaction is the key to success”. We acknowledge that our success is directly linked to the success of our customers. We believe in forming long term business relationships with our clients and are committed to deliver.

It is our belief that technology is for all and should be available to everyone at the click of a button.

Core Values

At Intellifox we have a 5 point core policy which is embodied in every aspect of our business and is embedded in our system. The 5 point core policy revolves around:

  • Customer Centric Services
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Professionalism
  • Commitment
  • Honesty & Integrity

Services & Products

Our team has a rich and diverse expertise in developing native Android and iOS apps, E-Commerce applications and customised websites.

We offer the below services :

Mobile Application Testing

The explosion of mobile applications presents an entirely new set of security challenges. While most of the tools and practices of traditional web and desktop applications are equally applicable to mobile, there are some unique concerns to keep in mind, including lost or stolen devices, mobile malware, targeted attacks on devices and more. intelliFox banks upon its rich QA team to ensure that your mobile app has less negative ratings on the app store……  Read More

E-Commerce Applications

Unlike brick and mortar stores, online e-commerce portals need a lot of planning, industry research, studying online buying behaviour, UI planning and crafting a perfect online experience for the targeted audience. IntelliFox combines the right set of designers, developers and business analysts who will take you to your ultimate business goal…….   Read More

Web Services

Web Services can convert your applications into Web-applications. It can help to solve the interoperability problem by giving different applications a way to link their data. With Web services you can exchange data between different applications and different platforms. IntelliFox has a deep knowledge of web services and can get your application web ready in no time. Our developers have extensive experience working with web technologies……   Read More

Android Application Development

IntelliFox has an experienced development team with expertise in developing native Android apps. So, be it selling products and offers or creating an interactive platform to engage with customers online, we have the right mix of people who can get things ticking for you……  Read More

iPhone/iPad Application Development

IntelliFox has a rich experience in developing native iOS apps. Our development team ensures that your business requirement is accurately made keeping in mind the Human Interface Guidelines(HIG) suggested by Apple and get the widest audience…… Read More

Web Applications

The World-Wide Web is now being used as a platform for sophisticated interactive applications, displacing the traditional mechanism of installable binaries. Web-based applications offer numerous advantages, such as instant access, automatic upgrades, and opportunities for collaboration on a massive scale. However, creating Web applications requires different approaches than traditional applications and involves the integration of numerous technologies. intelliFox has always been on the forefront in designing web applications for its clients due to our extremely dynamic development team who have delivered a vast number of successful web ready applications…….  Read More

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